Layered Mexican Bake

Layered Mexican Bake

Taco Salad or Texas Tacos are among my favorite meals. But having either of them too often can become boring. I think the following recipe is a fun spin on regular tacos. Usually I make this when we have people over for dinner (as I mentioned here). I use two[Read more]

must haves for newborn baby

New Mom Must-Haves

At a baby shower I recently attended, I found myself reminded of those newborn days. Oh, those newborn days… Before our baby girl arrived I spent hours trying to prepare for this incredibly life-changing event called motherhood – that you can’t fully be prepared for anyways. Now I’d like to[Read more]

C&V Twist

Cheese & Vegetable Twist

Tonight I’m attending a potluck that some of my friends are hosting and I just made this tasty, easy to make, cheese and vegetable twist. It only took me 45 minutes total to throw it together. I was pleasantly surprised that it tastes somewhat like a cheese & vegetable quiche.[Read more]

points on prayer - how to pray

24 Points on Prayer

Recently I’ve been participating in 21 Days of Prayer, a period of time to be devoted to prayer, but not for my own spirituality, nor to be more “like Christ.” These 21 days are for me (and other members of the Body of Christ) to lay our personal interests and[Read more]

Crockpot chicken with stuffing - recipe - andreas nest copy

Slow Cooker Chicken with Stuffing

I love Crock-Pots. Don’t you? I have two. And I use them often.  They make life easier. And so do easy Crock-Pot recipes! This simple Chicken with Stuffing Crock-Pot recipe is not only easy to make, but tastes delicious and fills the house with an aroma that’s reminiscent of Thanksgiving[Read more]