How We Bought Our First Car

10 thoughts on “How We Bought Our First Car”

  1. It’s only when we’re living and walking according to the Spirit in our spirit that we’re willing and ready to contact people for the sake of the gospel. May we be reminded to remain in the Lord so that we have something of Christ to share with others we meet in the course of our daily life–like buying a car.

    1. That’s so true. There are many opportunities – at work, school, the grocery store, while waiting in line, and even in our neighborhoods. May we daily endeavor to live and walk according to the Spirit in our spirit.

  2. Living and walking in the Spirit is the key to Christian living and the key to living without hypocrisy! Great..!!
    And you are sooo right, its about contacting people and helping them make that contact with Christ!

    I am curious to know, did you get the new car after your husband ministered to the dealer???? :)


    1. That’s right. The Lord Jesus was the only person who lived on the earth that wasn’t hypocritical in any way. Since He’s now the Spirit in our spirit, it’s only when we are one with Him that we are saved from a life of hypocrisy. Instead of focusing on WWJD or changing our behavior to be “like Christ” we just need to focus on being one spirit with the Lord. Like 1 Cor. 6:17 says, “But he who is joined to the Lord is one spirit.”

      Yes, my husband and I ended up buying a car from that very dealer! Sorry for not mentioning that!

          1. Thanks for sharing the link Andrea. I read through the excerpt and there are two statements that really stood out for me.

            – Without our spirit, we cannot know who we are.
            – Without our spirit, we cannot understand the things of men.

            This subject of the spirit is really an important one. The Apostles and Paul saw the importance of living in the spirit. This is something to think about and meditate on. Thanks again Andrea.

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