24 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hello Andrea…thank you for liking one or more of the posts on my blog at Faith1st Ministry. I hope it has encouraged you. Please continue check in on us from time to time and follow if you will. Thank you again and remember to have Faith 1st.

    1. Your welcome, Sebastian. Thank you for visiting my blog as well! I was encouraged by Faith 1st, particularly the series of posts on “Speak What You Believe.” It reminded me of Revelation 12:11 and that the overcomers are those who declare the divine facts!

      1. You’re so welcome Andrea and thank you for the kind words! I’m happy that this series spoke to you…there will be more coming on the subject. I believe it cannot be overstated the role our words play in our experiencing the victorious life The Lord intended for us. Blessings to you!

  2. Hello Andrea, I’m happy that you took the privilege of serving the Lord! Truly, nothing is a waste to Him.. Now that I only have a year left for college, I also am facing that “holy bargain”. The outside environment seems to pull me back from giving the Lord that 2 full years, but then deep within, there is that sweet calling voice… calling “Whom shall I send”. Lord, may you soften my heart to respond, “Here am I, send me!”

    1. What a mercy to have the Lord’s personal, sweet calling. He’s such a gentleman. You won’t regret the time you give to the Lord – it’s never a waste. Two years will go by so fast. Keep looking to the Lord for His will and His timing, in His way. :)

  3. I’m glad you liked me. It’s encouraging to find like minds. We need more prayer info in the world. The tougher it gets out there, the more people will be looking for prayer stuff and for wisdom from the Word.

    1. That’s right, the situation in society certainly isn’t improving. That just reveals that people need Christ. He truly is the “Desire of all the nations” (Haggai 2:7).

  4. Good morning Andrea. I remember a blogging sister among us who was studying speech therapy or speech pathology. Is that you? If not, do you know who/which blog? We have a college freshman here in L.A. who want to get into this field and it might be helpful for her to touch someone else in the field and loving Jesus. You may reply here or email to newjerusalem@socal.rr.com. Thanks!

  5. Hi Andrea, this is a terrific blog! Can you share with us how to post the videos in the sidebar on the right? We’d love to advertise for the free two-book set and the God-shaped vacuum on our blog.

    1. Of course! Simply add a text widget to your sidebar. In another tab, bring up the video on YouTube. Click on the “share” button under the video, then click on “embed.” Copy the text in that box and paste it in the text area of the your widget. Title the widget accordingly and viola!

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